Party Werks Geelong stock a full range of paper wristbands, perfect for a wide range of events. If you’re hosting a birthday party, an 18th, or an event that is serving alcohol, use paper wristbands to prevent underage drinking. If you’ve booked out a venue with a tab, identify your party with a specific colour.

Paper wristbands are a great option for conferences, events, concerts, festivals, competitions and excursions that take place over serval sessions. Use different colours to distinguish between different passes and guests, and ensure that people are paying for their tickets.

Party Werks supply a range of paper wristbands in a variety of colours. They’re made from a waterproof material to prevent them from being ripped or torn, plus it increases their lasting power.

Before you host your next big event, think about how coloured paper wristbands will improve your day and make things run more smoothly.