Party Werks Geelong is your top shop for all things balloons. We’ve got a full range of completely customisable balloon arrangements to make your next big event a success. With access to the full Party Werks range, your options are endless. The only limit to your balloon arrangement is your creativity.

How to get the balloon arrangement you’ve been dreaming of:

  1. Pick the number. We can create balloon arrangements with as many or as few balloons as you like. Think about the height you’re after, the size of the arrangement and where you’re going to put it. If you’re in a large space volume is key, but if you’re having a smaller gathering at home a less dense balloon arrangement is the way to go. Check out our gallery to see the different size arrangements we’ve put together in the past.
  2. Pick your colour scheme. There’s no limit to the colours in your balloon arrangement. If you’ve chosen to put together 12 balloons and you’d like 12 different colours, that’s entirely up to you. Consider your location and theme, do you want balloons to compliment the space or to serve as the accent piece. Balloon arrangements can be a great, affordable way to incorporate a bold pop of colour, or can tie a theme together.
  3. Choose your accent balloon. To really take your balloon arrangement to the next level we recommend incorporating one of our speciality balloons. A popular choice is the confetti balloon, which gives the arrangement a classy, sophisticated look. The confetti colours are completely customisable so it won’t restrict your colour choices. Other popular options include a printed balloon, perfect for significant birthdays, or a large foil balloon to top off your arrangement.
  4. Enjoy your celebration with your custom balloon arrangement.

Party Werks Geelong offers balloon delivery to surrounding areas including Bellarine and the Surf Coast. If you’ve got a large event to organise balloons for and are concerned about delivery and installation, talk to the team at Party Werks today.